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About Alexander Joyce

Alexander Joyce is a resident of Indiana. Alexander is an avid runner, running an average of 30 miles per week. He enjoys taking care of his yard when the weather permits. He is invested in the Indiana community, giving of his time and talents through philanthropic activities and partnership organizations.

Alexander has written for the NY Daily News, Investment News, Investor Business Dailey, Bankrate, Forbes, and others. Alexander has a radio show called The Retirement Halftime Show on 93.1 WIBC and on Freedom 95.9. Alexander does budgetary arranging TV training on channel 13 WTHR called “Your Money” likewise on channel 8 WISH-TV and my-INDYTV I complete a program called “Your Money Monday.” Alex has four complimentary instructive retirement arranging occasions every month in various parts of Indianapolis. I have a book called Safe Money, and Your Money.

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